Cremation With Viewing
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Cremation With Identification Viewing  $945

Tradition offers an opportunity to say good-bye to your loved one. With an ID viewing you and your family will be able to gather together in one of our viewing rooms, where you will have an opportunity to experience closure. Additional facilities at our mortuary are available for funeral services if so desired.

$945 Includes The Following Services

Transfer of your loved one to our facility
Procurement and filing of death certificate
Refrigeration of remains
Standard Cremation, additional fee when over 300 pounds
Cardboard cremation container (casket alternative product)
California Sales Tax
California Permit for the disposition of remains
Department of Consumer Affairs Regulatory Fee
Temporary plastic urn (other urns are available for purchase)

Identification Viewing

Identification viewing option provides minimum preparations of the unembalmed decedent and use of viewing room for a 15 minute viewing of the decedent.  This option does not allow for a public viewing.  If one is desired, you may select another option that includes a public viewing.

Additional  Information

There are no hidden fees.
We are family owned and operated and backed by more than 90 years of experience in the funeral and cremation industry. We provide a 100% Service Guarantee - If we fail to provide excellent service, we will make things right.
All crematory operators are certified crematory operators.
We are licensed and annually inspected by the Funeral & Cemetery Bureau.
We have an Identification program in place.
We only cremate one person at a time.

Arrangements and return of ashes, all take place at one location.
Certified copies of death certificates are $21.00 each (California)
Additional fees may apply (see most common additional fees below) *
Cremation will be performed within 10 working days (see below) **.

* Additional fees will apply if your loved one was transferred by the County Coroner.
 *Additional fees will apply for transportation exceeding a 30 mile radius.
 *Additional fee will apply for an oversized cremation (over 300 pounds)
 *Additional fee will apply when the death occurs at a Residence. A second funeral attendant is required for residence removals.

**Cremation will only be performed after payment has been received, the death certificate has been signed and approved by the State and all required forms have been properly signed and completed.

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